Sep 18, 2020

Aural Imbalance - Deep Electronics #292 [Sept.2020]

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Welcome to the 292nd chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This weeks set is the second part in the mix serie from Aural Imbalance. I had the idea after Simon offert one of two mixes. That was released last week to combine them. When asking the other set was not available but he created a brand new mix to follow up last weeks release. So enjoy part 2.


01 // Aural Imbalance - Voyage to Callisto (Monochrome Recordings)
02 // Aural Imbalance - Transitions (Okbron Records)
03 // Aural Imbalance - Three & Two (Stasis Recordings)
04 // Jellyfish - Spinbreak (Aural Imbalance ReMix)
05 // Aural Imbalance - The First Time
06 // The Source - Kian & Ludvig (Aural Imbalance Remix) (Noisy Meditation)
07 // Aural Imbalance - ExChange(Advection Music)
08 // Aural Imbalance- Lost Galaxies(Secrets of the Sun)
09 // Return to the Source - Greekboy (Aural Imbalance Remix) (Cadence Recordings)
10 // Aural Imbalance - Spiral Divide (As Shadows Pass)

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