Apr 16, 2019

Scott Allen ft. Emcee Tell - Sounds Of Soul Deep Mix [April.2019]

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I'm proud to present the new mix in the Sounds of Soul Deep Series. This time I'm joined by the one and only, Emcee Tell, who lays down some wicked vocal embellishments that add to the musical experience. The mix features a number of forthcoming Soul Deep tracks by artists such as Dramatic, Madcap, Scott Allen, Furney, Greekboy, Conrad Subs, Avalon Rays, and Magnafide. The mix also features some exclusive new Furney & Scott Allen Collaboration songs, which are set to be released on Soul Deep in July, 2019. Thanks for supporting Soul Deep! Enjoy the mix!




01 // Avalon Rays - Light On the Horizon (Scott Allen V.I.P.)(Soul Deep Exclusives)
02 // Magnafide - Circularis (Soul Deep Exclusives)
03 // Conrad Subs - Still In Love (Soul Deep Digital)
04 // Magnafide - MIcroexpressions (Soul Deep Exclusives)
05 // Furney - Did I (Soul Deep Dub)
06 // Furney & Scott Allen - Soundscape (Soul Deep Dub)
07 // Furney & Scott Allen - Losing Myself (Soul Deep Dub)
08 // Madcap - Morning Time (Soul Deep Dub)
09 // Greekboy - Now & After (Soul Deep Dub)
10 // Scott Allen - Fantasy Is Reality (Soul Deep Dub)
11 // Scott Allen - Since I Met You (Soul Deep Dub)
12 // Greekboy - Into the 90’s (Soul Deep Dub)
13 // Scott Allen - Run From Jah (Tribe of Dub)
14 // Scott Allen - Remember the Words (Soul Deep Dub)
15 // Dramatic - Got to Believe (Soul Deep Dub)
16 // Furney - Can’t Take It No More (Soul Deep Dub)