Dec 12, 2018

Kusp - BBC Radio 1 Guest Mix # Rene LaVice Show [27.11.2018]

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My debut album 'Arashi' is out now on Detail Recordings. Buy/Stream here

Read chat with UKF about who the hell I am and how my album came about.


Kusp - Through The Rough (ft Kemo) [Detail Recordings]
Breakage - As We Enter [Index]
Kusp - Lost Future [Detail Recordings]
Moresounds - Warriah [Astrophonica]
Kusp - Mr Clean (ft MC Fats & Soul:Motion) [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Moments (ft Edward Oberon) [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - You & I (ft Lynx & Kemo) [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Flashpoint [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Baseless Conclusions (ft SMB) [Detail Recordings]
Lynx - Deep Deadly [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Shook [Detail Recordings]
Ocean Wisdom - I Ain't Eaten (Kusp Bootleg) [High Focus]
Kusp - Hood [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Cantankerous (ft Lynx) [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Shadowed [Detail Recordings]
Kusp - Arashi [Detail Recordings]