Dec 3, 2018

Chris Goss, Ed Priest, Whiney - Hospital Records # Rinse FM [28.11.2018]

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This November for the monthly Hospital Records RINSE FM takeover, we invited Med School’s finest young prodigy Whiney to come down and join us. With an exclusive 30 minute guest-mix and an interview with Hospital co-founder Chris Goss, this month truly covers the young artists forthcoming LP ‘Waystone’ which you can check out here. Of course, as per usual, the show will feature forthcoming and fresh tracks from the likes of: Med School, Metalheadz, Chronic, Addictive Behaviour, ProgRAM, 31, V, Signature and more as mixed by Hospital resident Ed Priest.


Calibre – Taciturn [Signature]
Break – Sunset Dub [Symmetry]
A Sides – Edge [Chronic]
Will Miles – Want Not [Inperspective]
Jem-One – Endless Days [Metalheadz]
DJ Hybrid – Run Tune [Audio Addict]
Low:R – Chop Shop [Future Retro]
Mateba – Cts [Sofa Sound]
DJ Limited – Bad Tune [Biological Beats]
Whiney – Amulet [Med School]


Whiney – Triple Duppy Demon
Whiney – Fever

Whiney Guest Mix:

MD & Koherent – Syntax [Program]
Whiney feat. Mr Porter – Shards [Med School]
Jem-One – Arjunas [Metalheadz]
Nymfo – Warrior [Chronic]
Tide – Cloak & Dagger [Locked Concept]
T>I – Dye Migration [Souped Up]
Akuratyde – Lost Summer [Blu Mar Ten]
Monita & K-Rox – Abandoned (The Invaderz Remix) [Skeleton]
Alibi feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C – No Lights [V]
Visages – Uganda [Dispatch]
Ed Solo & Brockie – Represent (Dominator Remix) [Undiluted]
Alibi feat. Sofi Amri – Musihertz [V]
Thing – Ras Dog [31]