Jul 12, 2018

The Teknoist - Defqon.1 Festival Set 2018

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I'm in a pretty unique and privaledged position in music. To the hardcore crowd and artists, im the man with the amens. To the hard drum n bass and breakcore crowd and artists, im the man with the kickdrums. This suits my personality, i like doing my own thing and seem to hover on the fringe when it comes to most things.

Defqon booked me this year and in my mind i had 2 options, i could go in, play it safe and take the oppurtunity to play an all kicks set therefore pleasing the masses. Or i could try something most people wouldnt. I thought that everyone was going to be playing kicks, so in a festival of amazingly monstrous 'dengs' and 'ongas' (kickdrum sounds btw), i was worried about my choice but i chose to do something a little different. This was it.

Im pretty quiet online these days apart from some promo and posting on Instagram and when i do post words its usually about mental health awareness and less about music directly. I cant begin to explain the importance and how much being able to do what i do and be a part of the things im a part of keep me alive. My passion and appreciation for this shit and the people involved is so intense and quite frankly fucking wild. It gives me goosebumps just typing about it, so thank you...

The day i played was also my birthday (7 years ago i also played Glastonbury on the same date. Its the best date of the year haha) and i was celebrating it with some of my oldest friends, which happen to also be my main peers and inspiration. Vinnie Paul from Pantera had also died that morning. This is a recording that iv done in the studio as i dont think Defqon were recording and if they were, its probably not a set that they'd put out. I might be wrong on that, i dunno... I do know one thing though, this is for sure, 'Big Fuck Off Rave'.

I love you guys. Thanks. x