Feb 22, 2018

Meanone - Intelligent Music Podcast #16 [20.02.2018]

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We very proud to have this wondeful mix by Meanone from Moscow, Russia, as part of Intelligent Music Podcast series. With his five EP's out on British labels Omni Music, Odyssey Recordings, Good News Boppers, and a few self-released, full of musical legacy from classic atmospheric drum & bass music and inspiration from sounds like Aural Imbalance, Tidal and other like-minded musicians, now especially with the news about his forthcoming release on legendary Cadence Recordings, we're even more exciting to listen his special selection for us.
1-hour journey across the space with atmospheric, melodic, deep and emotive electronic music from drum and bass to deep house through ambient, uk garage and future garage don't leave you indifferent.
We need to talk a great thanks to Meanone for this mix and still waiting to his releases and next works. Please welcome and fasten your belts... We're embark on a galactic journey!




01 // Meanone - Pollux Starport (forthcoming Cadence Recordings)
02 // Meanone - Lost In Arcus City ['The Route To Intikilei' EP, Omni Music 2017]
03 // Aural Imbalance - World Apart ['Propagation Of Light' LP, Stasis Recordings 2017]
04 // Teebee & K. - Cherokee ['Black Science' LP, Beatservice Records 1999]
05 // Parallel - Seventh Moon ['AM:PM' LP, Digibeat Music 2010]
06 // Kudos - Soul Searching [Moving Shadow 1997]
07 // Carbon Based Lifeforms - Dodecahedron ['Derelicts' LP, Leftfield Records/Blood Music 2017]
08 // Germind - Shimmering At Sunrise ['Thoughtform' LP, Self-released 2017]
09 // Okee & Aural Imbalance - Human Beings ['19.5' EP, Far Beyond Audio 2017]
10 // Meanone - Planet MK31 ['Across The Universe' EP, Good News Boppers 2013]
11 // Manu Shrine - Wave Form ['Annutara Ash' LP, Self-released 2013]
12 // Meanone - Stramonium ['Covered' EP, Self-released 2017]
13 // Meanone - Flashes On The Windshield (dub)