Dec 5, 2015

Skeletone - Selection Process #1

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Robert Pacholski also known as Skeletone, polish drum and bass producer. Robert's adventure with this music began in 2005, when he passionately savored the sound of artists such as Photek, Goldie, 4Hero, Omni Trio, EZ-Rollers, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, London Electricity, Aphrodite, Dilinja, Lemon D, Roni Size, DJ Hype and LTJ Bukem. His numbers have very original sounding, which makes them now recognizable in the global dnb scene.He has a wonderful ear for samples and a huge library of many types of music such as soul, funk and jazz, which is often, but not always, used in production.He is proud of his entire collection of Polish Jazz.

The greatest collaboration was ahead of him though, when he teamed up with Jakub Cichocki or better know as Silence Groove, another artist on the rise. Since then they have been recording and playing together. He released his tunes in such labels like: Fokuz Recordings, Think Deep Recordings, Bassdrive Tunes, Influenza Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings and many many more...

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