June 10, 2014

Hydro - FABRICLIVE Promo [June 2014]

Drum and bass promo mix recorded by Hydro for FabricLondon

download mix


Boasting a lot of talent across a wide range of styles, David Pearson (aka Hydro), has been making waves and releasing records since 2003 when his long celebrated collaborations with drum & bass legend, Break, first appeared on Fierce’s Quarantine label. Since his humble roots holding down a residency at a d&b club night in Plymouth, where he was studying, Pearson’s gone on to play all over the world with his own productions finding favour with labels like Metalheadz, Dispatch, Commercial Suicide, Critical and more.

Ahead of his upcoming appearance in Room Two a week on Friday, when he’s set to go back to back with DLR, Pearson kindly put together this 70 minute mix to give us a better idea about the music he loves and the way he plays.

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