April 8, 2014

DLR - Bassic #6 [April 2014]

This mix in the Bassic series comes from Dispatch mainstay and Metalheadz newcomer, DLR.

download mix


His latest track "Blue Room" w/ Script is out today and straight in at #1 on Redeye, leading on from stand-out March releases "New Design" w/ Break and "Totem / Novate" on Dispatch.

Providing a seemingly endless supply of top-quality releases, the next forays include a Utopia 12", his "Your Mind EP" on Metalheadz, a spate of remixes plus two forthcoming albums; solo for Dispatch and in collab with Mako for Metalheadz.

Bursting with never-before-heard exclusives, this mix teases and hints at what's to come from DLR and available to download for your own listening pleasure.

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