October 9, 2013

DJ Logo - Bass Blog Guest Mix, Interview

Logo (real name Logan) is a Canadian drum and bass DJ hailing from Calgary, Alberta. Active in the scene since 2009, he is a member of local drum and bass collective ‘403DNB’, a group of DJs whose mission is to bring Calgary the best drum and bass parties in the country, and spread the sound of DNB far and wide!

1. How long did you listen to drum and bass music and how did you start listening to it?

I’ve been listening to drum and bass since around 2007. I got taken to a party by a friend where a local called DJ Big Worm was spinning and fell in love with it right then and there.. I was blown away by the fast, technical, mixing and the heaviness of the sub bass – I’d heard electronic music before, but never anything like that. Being a hip hop / drum junkie I really liked the urban influence in the music and the culture surrounding it fascinated me.

2. When did you first learn about bass blog?

I started using twitter in early 2012 to promote myself and the crew I’m a part of, and before long I bumped into @bass_blog and it quickly became one of my favorite resources for finding fresh drum and bass mixes.

3. Do you DJ only or also produce by yourself?

I produce hip hop vs DNB mashups under the name Logo, and deep house under the name Hidio.

4. I know that you are a member of 403DNB organization. Tell me a bit about this. Where did the idea come from?

403DNB is an organization that was founded in early 2011 by three local DJ’s – Big Worm (the first DJ I ever saw live), Proph, and Obscene. Big Worm had thrown a party with Shimon previous to this which he’d asked me to spin at, so I was already on his radar, and when the crew formed up I was one of the original residents. We started out doing a weekly, Friday nights at a local bar called Quincy’s (which is closed now), as well as bringing headliner shows to Quincy’s and other places (depending on how big the headliner was, Quincy’s was a small place). I’ve been in it since day one and it’s been one of the most positive influences I’ve had in my life during that time, I love it more than I can say.

5. What others kinds of music do you listen to and play?

Classic Rock and Hip Hop are my first loves musically, but I also DJ the deeper side of house a lot.

6. Sometimes you organize DNB events. How often did you do this? Tell me more about this.

Since I’ve been involved with 403DNB it’s been very rare for us to throw less than one ‘headliner’ show per month, and often we do more than this. We’ve brought a laundry list of amazing drum and bass talent to the city, and our affiliation with some other local crews like The Supreme Hustle has enabled us to be very successful doing this. You can check out a list of the artists that we’ve brought to Calgary on http://www.403dnb.com/about.html

7. Give me a few favorites producers names and record labels.

My favorite DNB artist is probably Break, and his label Symmetry is always a firm favorite. Other artists would include State of Mind, Serial Killaz (love the reggae DNB), S.P.Y, Black Sun Empire, Calyx & Teebee, and some of the techy stuff like Hybris and Kolectiv. Some labels I follow closely are Blu Mar Ten, Cause 4 Concern, Dispatch, Proximity, Horizons, Metalheadz , SGN:LTD and Soul:R.

8. What are your plans for the next few years in DNB?

Big plans for the rest of the fall and this next upcoming year, We’ve got Cyantific coming next Friday and Sub Zero on November 2nd for a Halloween party, both of which I’ll be representing 403DNB at, as well as a handful of other parties which I can’t yet spill the beans on. And of course next summer we’ll be doing the second annual “403DNBBQ” – which is a drum and bass weekender cookout we had a lot of success with this year. We brought Noisia, Futurebound, Phantasy, TC, Harry Shotta and MC Skibadee to a casino to throw down over a two day period and the results were nothing short of outrageous..

Big shouts out to everyone in 403DNB that helped me get to where I am today, to Pixel Junglist for the opportunity to do this mix and interview, and to every single person that has ever come to a 403 party or supported us in any way, it means the world.

[320 kbps] beats!

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01 // Signal - Fresh
02 // Didgy – Survival
03 // Moonwalk - nScape
04 // Taipan – Derrick & Tonika
05 // Digital Blues – Sub Zero
06 // Go – Pluton & Skyer
07 // Overtime – Friction & K Tee
08 // Distance – Memro
09 // Late Night Vibes – Kalm & Carera
10 // On Your Own - Fields
11 // Groove shadow – Xtrah
12 // Hovercraft - Quadrant
13 // Mechanism - Coma
14 // Hyeans – Calyx, Teebee & Noisia
15 // Deception – Noisia
16 // Noise 3 – Survival & Silent Witness
17 // Get Humpty – State of Mind
18 // Nerve – Cause 4 Concern; Bionic 1 Remix
19 // Soul – Cause 4 Concern; Mob Tactics Remix
20 // Predator – Chris SU & Rido
21 // Beast box – Fre4knc & Maask
22 // Hammerhouse – Cause 4 Concern; Inside Info Remix
23 // Cold light – Placid
24 // Turnaround – Klute


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