October 5, 2013

Interview with Pixel Junglist

Katipo Audio's main man - Forge, catches up with Pixel Junglist to talk all things bass! Being good friends for a number of years, Forge thought it was time to interview the online mix master and find out what he's been up to. Pixel reveals his plans for the future and what users can expect from his brand new website.

If you are a junglist and like DJ mixes, then chances are you may be aware of Bass Blog, a boutique website that caters for DJ mixes in the genre of drum n bass.

Bass Blog has been rapidly expanding its community, going from strength to strength with tons of new features and the launch of their brand new website and look, it’s safe to say this mix blog is here to stay.

If we take a step back for a minute and look at what’s happened to the drum n bass mix community in the last 6 months we are seeing a decline in the some of the best mix sharing websites with the closure of one of the biggest – Beatplexity. A large and highly active site that was forced to close for lack of funds. Beatplexity, was used by many across the world as a great resource for finding the latest mixes with the ability to rate and archive mixes, plus the site was also free to register and use. There are a host of others currently online all range very broadly in terms of quality, content and usability but Bass Blog is by far the best!

Bass Blog had existed before Beatplexity but has recently undergone an amazing facelift with some cool new features added to the sites ever growing arsenal of tools. At this stage anyone can submit mixes for free and provided they meet the site criteria the mixes will be shared with a download link, track-list and artwork for the world to see. I recently caught up with Pixel Junglist long-time friend and owner of the site to have a chat with him about his new revamp, upcoming features and what people can expect to see in the future from this wonderful online mix blog.

1. How long have you been running the site for and how did the idea come about?

I have been running Bass Blog since June 2009. It’s already over 4 years old. The idea originally came accidentally when i found the Google Blogger website, and I decided that I should listen to drum n bass music, not only by myself but also to share it with other people who love this music. If we go back in time a little i started listening to drum n bass from 2002.

2. What direction do you see the site going moving forward and what’s the main goal for your site?

The main goal of the website is to give drum n bass lovers a chance to hear fresh mixes everyday from around the world. For DJ’s, producers and record labels who upload mixes its a chance to get more listeners and downloads for their mixes. I think Bass Blog is going to be more than just a blog in the future. It will be a website with registration, premium accounts, mp3 uploads and other cool features, which in turn will promote drum n bass culture more! It’s not easy because i mainly do everything by myself, but i already have found some partners to help me with the site. So keep calm. All will be revealed in the future.

3. Do you actually listen to all the mixes yourself?

Yes sure. I listen to each mix before i publish it. Currently there is no automatic process setup for this. I take all info and generate the code to put it into the blog post. Also i get each mp3 file and generate my own sound wave, and that’s why I don’t put lots of mixes on Bass Blog everyday. And i try only to upload mixes that are over 1 hour or up to two hours to give people a chance to listen to the mix before i post the next one. My ethos are quality over quantity.

4. Where are you based currently?

I lived in Odessa city, Ukraine. (New location: Rotterdam, Netherlands).

5. Tell us about the site and what it can and cant do?

For now it’s more blog than website. You cant register their or upload a mix. You can give me info about your mix for possible featuring. Please be aware, I don’t have a chance to listen to all the mixes which people send me everyday. It’s kind of like a lottery for now and the best ones get chosen. :)

6. Are you genre specific at the moment and if so why?

Yes. Drum n Bass genre only and for these reasons. First of all i love this music. Second is that I have been listening to drum n bass for a long time and i understand a certain taste in the beats. I cant listen to any other genre and post mixes because I’m not a pro in this specific style or genre, I will just stick to drum n bass for now.

7. Do you DJ yourself?

No, I’m a graphic designer, please check my portfolio here – PORTFOLIO . I’ve never tried DJ’ing. I just spread the love of my favorite music culture through my blog.

8. What other projects are you working on?

Currently, I’m working to get a mobile version of Bass Blog for iOS and Android platforms. It’s important because everyone has mobile access and it’s readily available! And lots of people already ask me for an app.

9. Who’s your favorite DJ and why?

It’s a complex question. I can’t reply to it. I listen to so many beats everyday from different DJ’s around the world, and each time I find new and very talented people.

10. Top 3 favorite mixes so far this year?

Same as the questions above. It’s hard to reply to this question. Too many mixes to describe here.

Source of interview here: http://katipoaudio.com
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